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Why is your Amazon Listing Suppressed, and how can you fix it?

Jan 23

Amazon has become a central retail platform for third-party sellers. It's easy to list your products on Amazon, but there are some requirements that you should follow. Amazon listing optimization service ensures that your listing is doing everything possible to convert visitors into customers. However, understanding what is occurring with your listing can often be frustrating.

If your listing is not up to date or doesn't follow the rules of Amazon, you might be getting poor reviews and penalties from the platform. This article will discuss why your listing may get suppressed and how you can fix it.

Reasons for Amazon's suppression

Amazon suppression is the most common cause of suppressed listings. Amazon hides a product's quality, title, or description when it has issues with its quality, title, or description.

In some cases, this may be for several reasons:

  • The listing doesn't match the product's requirements (e.g., image resolution).
  • The seller still needs to fulfill an order from their customer. They wait until they can ship again before uploading more products into their account, so they don't have to wait longer than necessary.

How to fix the suppressed Amazon listing?

Here are some ways to check for the reason for suppression:


  • Check for your listing status on and see if it's listed as "unavailable." Contact their customer support team to ask why your listing is suppressed.
  • Look at your seller performance report (SPR). The SPR shows how many times customers have viewed a listing over time. If there are few views per day, but you still see that the product isn't being shown in search results, then this could be another reason you're getting suppressed by Amazon.

What happens if my listing is incorrectly suppressed? 

If your listing is suppressed, you will not be able to see your listing on Amazon. You will also be unable to sell your product or view any sales or revenue. It can significantly impact your sales and your ability to compete in the marketplace.

To avoid this, it's essential to ensure that your listing is accurate and up-to-date. You can use Amazon listing optimization services to help you with this. This service will help you identify any errors in your listing and ensure that it complies with Amazon's policies.

It can happen for several reasons, but some of the most common causes include the following:

-The listing agent incorrectly inputted the listing information into the MLS system

-The MLS system was not updated with the correct listing information

-The listing agent did not follow the MLS system's guidelines for creating listings

If your listing needs to be correctly suppressed, the best action is to contact your listing agent and ask them to correct the issue. 

  • Check your product details.

The first factor to do is to check the details of your product on Amazon itself and ensure everything is clear and correct. For example, if you've typo'd "kindle" as "kindles, " your listing will be suppressed instead of approved! Likewise, suppose you've made a mistake with either spelling or grammar. In that case, this can cause issues with getting backed by the amazon PPC agency and ultimately suppress the listing. It could be bad news if it happens at a crucial time, like when people are looking at potential purchases before making a purchase decision!

  • Ensure high-quality images and videos.

High-quality images and videos are crucial to ensure a good listing.

  • Ensure clear, sharp, and detailed images that are not blurry or pixelated. The pictures should be well-lit, with high contrast and consistent coloring throughout the image.
  • Avoid grainy or blurred images, which can make your product look cheap.
  • Also, ensure all your photos have enough light, so they don't look dark in certain areas (such as shadows).
  • Check the product title, bullets, and description carefully.

You can use Amazon to sell your products and make money. However, you must carefully check the title, bullets, and description if you have a new product. 

The title should be short and relevant to your product. If people are searching for something specific like "dog food," then this is what they will see if it's not in the title (and even then, there might be other terms). Make sure that whatever you put in there relates directly to dogs or their needs - don't just write: "dog food." 

  • Work on your back-end keywords and search terms. 

Amazon's search tool is an excellent way to find relevant keywords for your product, but it can also be used as a starting factor. To use Amazon's keyword tool, enter one or more keywords into the "Keyword" field and click "Search." In addition to providing suggestions based on similar products like yours (in case there are any), it will give you some additional information about each candidate: how many searches they receive every month, how often they rank in Google results, whether they got positive reviews from customers who bought them; etcetera! 

  • Offer only relevant add-on products that serve the purpose of your main ASIN.

If your Amazon listing is suppressed and you want to get it back, the first step is understanding why.

  • You need relevant add-on products that serve the purpose of your main ASIN. For example, if you own a product called "The American Flag" with many reviews on Amazon. So, this could be an issue because people will not buy from you unless they know what they are getting into.
  • The second thing is related: Ensure all add-ons are complementary with the main ASIN (meaning they don't compete directly with each other). It means that people can't just buy one product and expect everything else in their cart at checkout time to work correctly (because sometimes things happen when there needs to be more room for everything) 
  • Check your seller score and seller performance metrics.

The Seller Performance Dashboard is an excellent resource for checking your seller score. You can see your performance and individual metrics like shipping and fulfillment rates.


To access the dashboard:

  • Log into Seller Central (or register if you don't have access yet) 
  • Click "Performance" on the left-hand menu bar of your screen.
  • Scroll down to 'Seller Score' and click on it.
  • Ensure you follow all Amazon policies following guidelines.
  • The best way to ensure compliance is using the Amazon listing optimization service. It will assist you in keeping track of what's going on in your listing. Moreover, it also has access to it at any given time, so there's clarity as to who should be looking at what and when they're supposed to be looking at it!



Amazon is a compelling marketplace, and it's essential to use keywords in your titles and descriptions to help you rank. But if Amazon finds your listing too promotional, they may suppress it. Amazon listing optimization services will ensure that you are not suppressed and can rank for the keywords you want.