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5 Questions You Need To Ask Before Replacing Solar Panels

Dec 17


Replacing your solar panels can seem like an intimidating and overwhelming task especially if you don’t know what questions to ask before you start. Finding the right solar panels isn’t just about comparing wattage and efficiency, but also how easy they are to install and maintain. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the five most important questions you need to ask before replacing your solar panels, so you can save money, time, and headache when choosing your next set of home solar panels.

Questions You Should Ask

Replacing your solar panels can be an exciting time, especially if you are getting new and improved solar panels! But with so many options on the market, it’s easy to get lost in what to buy and why. To help you out, we have compiled a list of five questions that you should ask yourself before making any purchases.

1) What is the lifespan of solar panels?

Solar panels come in a variety of wattages, ranging from 200 watts to upwards of 5,000 watts. The lifespan of the solar panel is determined by its wattage. For example, if you have a 250-watt solar panel, it will last for about 12 years. If you have a 3,000-watt solar panel, it will last for about 20 years. It's best to go with a higher wattage to ensure that you'll be able to save more money in the long run. 


2) How do I know if my solar panels need to be replaced?

If the solar panels in your home have been in place for 10 years, it's time to consider replacing them. However, many factors come into play when determining if your solar panels need to be replaced. The age of the panels is just one factor. Another factor is how often you use them and how much sunlight they're exposed to. Additionally, if you live in an area with a lot of sun or your system hasn't generated as much electricity lately, then it might be time for a new set of solar panels. When you go through this list, make sure you've considered each point thoroughly and made a decision based on what's best for you before going ahead with the installation or replacement.

3) What are the consequences of not replacing solar panels?

If you fail to replace your solar panels when they reach the end of their lifespan, your system will not be as efficient and may cost more energy costs. When you get a quote for solar panels, most companies will offer to replace the old ones for free or at a discounted rate. However, there are some cases where this is not possible. For example, if your home has multiple systems from different providers, it’s often impossible to tell which provider manufactured the solar panel that is breaking down. Additionally, many older panels have been removed from building codes so it’s unlikely you can find replacements that fit the aesthetic of your home.

4) How much does it cost to replace solar panels?

There are a few questions you should ask before deciding to replace your solar panels. The first is how much does it cost to replace solar panels? There are two types of systems, grid-tied and off-grid. Grid-tied panels are connected to the power grid and any electricity they produce is sent back into the system. Off-grid systems work by storing energy in batteries, with the excess going into the power grid. If you have an off-grid system, there's no need to worry about your investment being lost if the company goes out of business as long as you have enough storage capacity.  In most cases, solar system installers in Arizona will recommend that you use lithium-ion batteries for this reason. Lithium-ion batteries last longer than lead acid or nickel-cadmium.

5) Are there any rebates or incentives available for replacing solar panels?

Solar panel replacement is a big investment, but you can make it more affordable by looking into rebates and incentives. Programs like the Department of Energy's SunShot Initiative offer cost-effective ways to get your panels replaced. The program offers up to $2,500 for residential solar panel systems and up to $20,000 for commercial solar panel systems. Eligible projects include new solar panel installations, solar photovoltaic (PV) system replacements, and PV system additions. Solar panels in Santa Fe NM are great because they are durable, efficient, and easy to maintain. A lot of solar companies will offer warranties on their solar panels for as long as 25 years so that you don't have to worry about whether or not your system will continue running well in the future. Solar energy also helps with saving money on electricity bills since there are no fuel costs involved with solar energy production.