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What are the Most Common causes of roof damage?

Jul 12

Our roofs are guardians. They shield us, our home and all that is within it. But, like anything else that we do, it might require some help. It's a fact that roofs are damaged. It is important to know the reasons for roof damage in order to make repairs quickly. It is important to prevent of there being any more damages. It can spread quickly and result in more damage.

Common Causes For Roof Damage

The exact causes for roof damage will vary, dependent on the location you live in.


Storms, high winds hail storms temperature, deep cold and hurricanes all can cause damages. Kansas City roofers are aware that objects can break and torn up and cause openings for moisture and water.


In winter, moisture is drawn into the roof and it then freezes. The water expands and may cause quite a bit of damage, not just to the shingles, but also the roof beneath. Leakage is one of the most serious results. You can find a roofing company near you that can fix the issue quickly.


Hailstones are a real threat to your roof a battering. They have been known to cause shingles to break and tear them right off. If they leave you with one, hurricanes can damage your roof.



The aging process is a reality for us all , and your shingles won't be exempt. They might be getting older fragile, weak and brittle. There may have also been some repairs in the past. The roof can become worn down.

It might be time to replace your roof if the warranty is expired. They can only last so long, and they will require repair so often that there is no reason to.


Foot Traffic

It could cause harm in the event of a roof that is too high for you to climb over. While it may sound like a good idea, it could result in damages to your roof, and even cause them to become ripped.


Improper Installation

Incorrect installation is often the main reason that people require roof repairs. Maybe the previous roofing contractor installed over worn-out, old shingles or didn't properly flashe.

They may have employed poor roof sealants or have not secured or overlapped the shingles in a proper manner. Roofers in Kansas City , MO can save their time and money by using a variety of shortcuts. These shortcuts could be costly in the end, costing more time and money.


Failure to Keep Up with Repairs

It is crucial to keep your roof in good order. An inspection is a great method to examine your roof. Even if you've not had any of these however, it is still important to check your roof annually.

A few minor repairs can have a huge impact. Even a tiny leak can become a major problem. Once the water starts getting through, you will be able to see more damage below..


Make sure your gutters are in good condition and that the roof is regularly examined. Particularly, after a storm, you need to evaluate the damage. It is better to invest some money to repair the damage , rather than replacing your roof or the interior of your home.

Control of the Roof

Contact us today at Storm Contracting for a free estimate and have those repairs done before it is too late. We often do not realize the importance of your roof.

It's not as obvious that there is damage on the roof the way we would in other areas of the home. Therefore, it is important to schedule an inspection to get the repairs that you need.

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